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Turkey country that occupies a unique geographic position, lying partly in Asia and partly in Europe. Throughout its history it has acted as both a barrier and a bridge between the two continents. Turkey is situated at the crossroads of the Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East, and eastern Mediterranean. It is among the larger countries of the region in terms of territory and population, and its land area is greater than that of any European state. Nearly all of the country is in Asia, comprising the oblong peninsula of Asia Minor—also known as Anatolia (Anadolu)—and, in the east, part of a mountainous region sometimes known as the Armenian Highland.


Reasons Why You Should Visit Turkey

Amazing food

Every region in Turkey has a unique kitchen culture, using distinct ingredients and recipes. As such, Turkish cuisine is much more than tasty kebabs and baklava; it includes fresh seafood and meze, a whole world of desserts, huge breakfast spreads, Ottoman classics, vegetable dishes, and much more.

Beautiful beaches

Bodrum, Antalya, Izmir and Fethiye have some of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey, with a spectrum that includes everything from secluded coves to exciting beach parties. One of the best ways to experience Turkey’s many beaches and the Mediterranean or Aegean Coast is by taking a Blue Cruise.

Turkish baths

The hamam experience has become synonymous with Turkey and is a perennial favourite. Being scrubbed and washed and massaged in a cloud of soap foam is, after all, a spectacular way to unwind.

Archaeological sites

Witnessing many empires and civilizations, Turkey has a remarkable amount of archaeological sites spread out all over the country. From Istanbul palaces and mosques to the ruins of Ephesus to the underground cities of Cappadocia, the nation is a haven for archaeology and history enthusiasts.

Excellent museums

Turkey also has a lot of fantastic museums that actively preserve findings from the many archaeological sites all around the country. From the largest mosaic museum in the world (Zeugma in Gaziantep) to the Ottoman palace museums of Istanbul, there’s plenty.

Great food shopping

With such incredible cuisine, it’s no wonder that Turkey also has a lot of food shopping opportunities from open-air markets to bazaars. The many neighbourhood markets are where locals buy their fresh produce, while the Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar are where tourists like to do some shopping.

Natural wonders

Apart from big cities like Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, Turkey also has plenty of natural escapes, from skiing in the Uludağ Mountains to hiking in the Rize Province. Let’s not forget the white travertine terraces of Pamukkale.

Off-the-beaten-track wonders

Turkey also has a lot of hidden archaeological sites and historically significant cities. Whether it’s the ruined medieval Armenian city of Ani or an ancient king’s tomb at Mount Nemrut, there’s a lot to discover all around.

Striking architecture

Turkey’s architectural scope is striking and includes everything from historic churches to stone houses built by former Anatolian empires. From Istanbul to Mardin and beyond, you’ll always find a structure that really changes your aesthetic perspective.

The people

Turkish people are known for their profound hospitality and spending time with them is a truly valuable lesson in genuine human relationships. You’ll always be invited over to someone’s house for a delicious meal or at least a few glasses of Turkish tea and something sweet.

Turkey Visa Requirements for Pakistani Nationals

  • Original passport at least 6 months valid
  • 2 recent colored biometric photographs with white background (5x5CM)
  • Clear copy of CNIC both sides
  • Last six months bank statement along-with account maintenance letter (sign & stamped from bank)
  • Last three salary slips (if employed)
  • Job letter from company (if employed)
  • Leave sanction for Government employees only
  • NTN Certificate
  • In case of Member of Chamber of Commerce (Valid Certificate & Visa Recommendation from COC)
  • Travel Insurance (we can Arrange for You)
  • Confirmed return tickets (we can arrange for you)
  • Confirmed hotel booking (We can arrange for you)
  • Family registration certificate ( English ) “FRC” or Marriage Certificate where applicable
  • Business documents (if self-employed)

Processing Time

It takes usually 3 to 4 weeks depending on Embassy’s process. Self appearance is mandatory at the time of visa submission. Visa issuance is subject to embassy’s decision.

Important Note: Requirement can be change due to travel restrictions so please contact to Drop box for the update documents details.

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